Help - RE2 vs. OK3/PK2
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Sep 30, 2008
I like my vocals, highs, and sound stage. I can settle with slightly less bass.

Sorry about yet another comparison to populate this board, but I suddenly realized that isolation isn't very important to me, so now I'm interested in the comparison of the RE2 to the OK3/PK2.

I've heard the OK3 and PK2 have very similar sound, is one better than the other? They are relatively neutral, correct?

Also, is the canalphone style of the OK series bad because of bad fit, or does the SQ deteriorate as well?

Anyways, how do either of them compare to the RE2 in pure SQ?

Just did a search, and came upon this thread, the few opinions posted seem to consider the PK2 better than the RE2 in SQ. Any other opinions?
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May 30, 2008
I've got both RE2 and PK2. I had the PK2's first. I immediately liked them. They have a nice balanced sound, kind of like a mini-version of a good set of standard headphones, without as much bass, of course. When I first got the RE2's I was disappointed. They have quite a bit less punch, but are more analytical. After spending lots of time with them, I became happier with them. They are still lacking in bass though. The Fiio amp helps but I prefer not to add a component to my portable system.

If you don't need the isolation, I'd go with PK2 over RE2. No need to hassle with the seal, and they are comfortable with the foam pads.

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