Help! questions about Portable Amp
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Oct 1, 2008
Hi All,
been a member long time (never posted) but enjoy all the die-hard audiophile fans' dedication here..
I need some assistance here on Portable amp..
a while back I purchased an used  Dr Xin's Supermacro Amp (version 1 maybe) I use this to plug into my
Sony Digital voice recorder to make transcriptions notes of dictations and teaching lectures.. these portable amps are very useful for  controlling the volume and improve their sound/ static poor recordings more manageable..and Dr Xing's amp had alot of features that i can adjust: like grains and crossfeed ect.. (way ahead of his time I must say)
OK, so ..Yesterday while putting in fresh batteries, I accidentally plug in the wrong plugs while the amp was still on.. either into the line in or phone out or something..and it shorted the amp is not working..
so my questions are..
1)Can I salvage or repair this amp? if not
2)what other portable amp on the market that can I have the most possibilities of all these manual tweaking features..
Iam look at either Sony PHA2 or some other quality amps..
my criteria:
must have dedicated line in plug and phone out plug...volume dial, and good adjustment controls..since some lectures are poorly recorded and I've notice these adjustments do improve some what..
I've been out of the amp loop for a long time so I need some help here, because this little accident is causing delay into my work,,
I am not into digital amps yet, but I like to keep the possibility and upgradeable open as well as I upgrade into more advance hi-end Sony portable Recorders.
amp price < $500, best quality sound possible - can go up higher but most hi end amps are pretty much phasing out
a dedicated "line in" plug 
(I don't have/use apple devices)
thanks all for any advice and assistance..

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