Help! Newbie Looking For IEM Recommendations!
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Faeyded Wind

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Nov 30, 2014
Hello there! I just registered on this site because I simply love the advice and reviews given, and was hoping that the experience you guys have would be able to help a newbie like myself.
***Before I get to my problem, let me first state that I am so new to the audiophile scene that I don't know much of anything when it comes to earbuds/IEMs in general. So please excuse my idiocy. I hope to fix that using this website to educate myself.***
I have owned a total of 3 different IEMs:
Skullcandy TiTans - My first taste of IEMs. Loved the bass and isolation was okay, but sometimes lacked the clarity I was looking for in some of my music.
HiFi RE-400 - Very good clarity, and isolation was a tiny bit better than the TiTans, but I was devastated over the loss of my beloved bass.
Vedolyne vPulse - Holy crap, basshead magnets. As soon as I combined them with Comply memory foam tips, they became the dream team for my music. However I missed the clarity of the RE-400s.
Now, to my actual problem:
All three of those IEM's above have either broken or shorted out. And I have fallen back to the TiTans because I can get them cheap at Ross for almost $18. However I am looking again, and this time I am looking for something bass heavy for my dubstep, electro, and trap, however it wouldn't sacrifice the clarity too much so I could listen to my other genres such as hard rock. And of course I really want something that would simply isolate myself from the rest of the world. And so far, after looking around, I have come up with these candidates:
SoundMAGIC E10
HiSoundAudio HW2 Wooduo 2
Fischer Audio Eterna
Vedolyne vPulse (Still on the table)
I am open to any suggestion you guys have for me. Those are just the ones I have found that I thought would work.
So again, I prefer heavy bass, but without the bass bleed or having it distort any vocals/treble or whatever. And I absolutely need good isolation for what I am dealing with.
My budget is around $200 and I live in the U.S.


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