Help needed with DIY IEM cable upgrade (repost)

  1. CoolerCat
    Alright then, a week ago I posted this in the cables forum but after getting no answer for at all I decided I'd repost this on the DIY forum in search of help. Bellow is the original question from the tread that I jyst copy-pasted because i don't want to rewrite it all :)

    Ok then, after some extensive research I couldn't find a proper cable for my TFZ Exclusive King IEMs with a microphone/remote so instead I've decided that i'd just source out the materials and totally DIY it. So any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated sine this would be a first for me. This is probably the right time to mention that I haven't done much audio related DIY but I'm quite handy and have some experience with cabling so I'm pretty sure I'll do it.
    So I'm thinking that i'd use some OCC copper wire, provided that I find some in the right colour. I'm also thinking of putting the mic/remote on a separate wire to minimize distortions. What do you think? Is this even a feasible idea? Should I go with SPC or keep it with copper for cost efficiency? And would this mic idea on a separate cable even work? Some material sources would be appreciated, as well as advice.

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