HELP NEEDED, Buying a new pair of full-sized Headphones
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New Head-Fier
Jun 21, 2015
I am an Audio Enthusiast who is pretty much addicted to music, i listen to music A LOT on-the-go but unfortunately never had a decent pair of headphones, had A LOT but never a good awesome one, recently ive had a some of money almost 250$ but lets say 200$ for now and am interested in buying a pair of headphones, a fter a lot of hours on youtube, amazon and reading reviews i'm torn between the Sennheiser's Momentum ( Over the ear) , the AKG K545 even the sennheiser HD8 Dj ( i know it's a bit pricier and unlike the previous two), Audio Technica's ATH M50x, Sony MDR-1R,Sennheiser HD 598,Philips Fidelio X1 and the Sennheiser HD598 
I know hey are all different in one way or another , i do not have any specific preferences music genre wise, i just want a pair that has an awesome performance and delivers the best music experience, i want to feel the music , get goosebumps you know :)
Note: i am also planning on buy the Fiio X1 Player
any additional suggestions are welcome
thank you all in advance 

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