help me recable my grado sr60? (first recable)
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Jul 26, 2008
Ok so I wanna recable my grado sr60. I have read I should use starquad cable but other then that I need some help.

I was gonna get this cable:
Canare L-4E6S Star Quad Micophone Cable at

I dont know what connectors to use tho. I want to make the cables as nice as possible (within reason) so they could be used on nicer headphones in the future... not just "good enough" for the sr60s.

Also, I need a general idea for what I am doing. the headphones have 3 wire colors (4 wires). Basically if anyone has a link to a DIY or how-to for recabling could you post the link. It doesnt have to be for grados but just enough to give me an idea of what I am doing.

Thanks in advance!
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Mar 26, 2002
I'm looking to do the same, as my grado sr-80's left side (y-adapter) is going bad. ive stopped using them for some years. now im looking to do a recable too so i can go back to enjoying them. what's worse, the original pads have already deterioated (i think a result from washing them in soapy water when i was still using them).

i found this link:

Recable Grado [Alessandro Music Series 1]

i'll see if i can do this recable.

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