Help me pick out an IEM under 100 dollars.
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Feb 3, 2014
So my favorite full size headphones are the AD700's but I mostly listening to music on the go now a days, I listen to a lot of post-hardcore/metalcore. Now I fully understand that no IEM will ever achieve the sound stage and instrument separation that the AD700 possesses. I want an IEM that is under 100 that has the detail in mids and highs that the AD700 possesses. I will admit that I do enjoy some good bass but I hate when the bass is overpowering or too boomy. The highest IEM i've owned is the soundmagic e10 which was a great IEM for its money but it broke within a month so build quality is of importance. So far I've taken a second look at HiFiMan RE-400, MeElectronics A151, and even SoundMagic E30. I originally was looking at Shure SE215's but after seeing reviews I see that they are very bass oriented with not much detail on the higher end. if you could be my savior and recommend me some great sounding IEM's under 100 dollars that also wont break after a month id greatly appreciate it. I do take these headphones to the gym as an FYI and obviously the cheaper the better. Thanks!

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