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Help! Longtime IEM user looking to branch into full size

  1. chupacabra314
    Looking for full-size cans to complement my iBasso IT03 IEMs. Would appreciate some recommendations. Although I spent years researching IEMs, I'm a complete noob in the full can world.

    Price: up to $400, preferably ~$200
    Sound sig: similar to it03's - slightly U-shaped, fun sound, but not miles from neutral. Can have a little less treble emphasis but sparkle is a must.
    Seal: closed back
    Sources: mainly a Fiio X1, sometimes iPhone 7 or Alienware laptop. No amp but open to it.
    Connectivity: wired is fine, don't care about BT.
    Build and design: A stylish look is a plus but practicality and comfort are more important
    Use scenarios: mainly listening to music indoors, often gaming, sometimes flying.
    Music genres: mainly electronic, heavy metal, hard rock and smooth jazz.

    So far I've looked into Beyer DT770 80ohm, ATH-m50x, Focal Listen, and NAD Viso.
    The sound of the Viso's looks great on paper but I can't get over the weird headband design.
    The 770 look a little bulky and their highs may be a little too much for me.
    The FR curves of the m50x look somewhat all over the place and treble seems a little recessed.

    Any other models I'm missing? Thanks.
  2. serman005
    I think you ought to also consider looking into a Meze 99 Classics. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It has a fun, lively signature. It is possible it could work.
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  3. chupacabra314
    Thanks serman. Considered them but their FR graph shows their lows roll off a little too early. I know graphs aren't the full picture but they are almost always in line with what I hear.

    I'm auditioning the DT-770 as I type this (courtesy of a coworker). Their signature is really similar to the IT03 however the cups are a little too big for my skull shape so I can't get a consistent seal, thus losing some of the bass.
  4. Pings
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  5. chupacabra314
    I love CA but I'm not at a point where I can comfortably afford them yet.
  6. Pings
    I would think about saving up instead of buying the other cans you listed. As the Campfire Audio Cascade might be exactly what you are looking for and an easy transition to over-ear cans.
  7. marcussmj
    Start getting rid of things you don't need anymore. Reduce all the redundant hardware and scale up to something good rather than hoarding gear. That might help with expanding the budget considerably.
  8. chupacabra314
    Oh don't let my signature fool you. I currently only have my humble IT03, F9pros (mostly used by my wife) and X1 dap.
    Are you both saying cans at my target price point aren't worth it?

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