Help Help : Westone UM2 or Phonac PFE 112
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Jul 28, 2009

I have a dilemme :
I listen most of my musique of the 70's(Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,Eloy,Camel,hawkwind...) so my question is witch in ears are the best with my Cowon D2 and MP3 (320)..I am hesitating between Westone UM2 or Phonac PFE 112, my budget is 250 euro (300Dolars).
Thanks for your help ans excuses of my ENglish.

Thanks a lot
Luc from Belgium

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ive had all of the ones mentioned here (the ie8 on loan) and they are all great. the d2 is a decent player, but hisses a bit - that will mean the um2 will make noise. the phonak will not hiss with the d2 as it doesn't hiss with my ipod nano 1g which has a little more hiss than the d2.

i would pick rather than on genre, on your needs. the um2 is the most comfortable of the group and usable outside and inside - something the other two cannot do as well. the pfe is great for outside, but its body and cable are not as supple and strong as the um2 - in fact, the um2 has a wonderful cable whose only flaw is its short y-split to earphone length.

the phonak is comfortable, non-microphonic and light - the earphones stay in the ears very well, but may not be comfortable as the body is angular. the ie8 is the most damnably iffy fit i have ever used. the sound is good if you like a higher bass, but it does isolate well. the cable is quite good too, so every brand are doing well for cable.

but the westone is the only cable which will last against body oils and sweat. the other two are crystalising cables, though the sennheiser better than the phonak.

as for sound, the um2 and ie8 are somewhat laid back, but great. i found the um2 a bit fatiguing and the phonak a little in the treble. the biggest bass is the ie8 and it can be fiddled with which is nice.

however, if you plan on using your phones outside and rely on isolation, it is the worst. if your ear canals are small, both the phonak and the um2 are great.

my personal favourite is the um2, though sound signature between each is not my favourite.
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So i am thinking my choice goes for the UM2 but will i need an amp (Fiio5) with my Cowon d2 ??

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I think i go for the Um2....

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