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Jul 4, 2011
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Jul 4, 2011
Hello all
I'm looking for a set of portable headphones, I've had rubbish luck so far and was wondering what advice you could give me. I'm searching for a set of decent looking headphones that don't leak sound and are priced around £40 ( $65 )  I don't expect amazing sound just not ones that struggle to cope with bass.
If you are in a similar position to me here is a list of headphones that i have bought and sent back due to various reasons:

[size=1.7em] Philips / O'Neill SHO8800/10 The Snug - First headphones i bought and what a let down. they are now £60, i bought them for £30 which was still too much, I'm 19 and apparently have a massive head, they looked stupid on me and the build quality was poor to match. As for sound, it was nothing special. I think these would be great for 15 year olds as the design is nice enough but if your any older avoid.[/size]


Sony MDR-V300 - These were ideal, nice price ( £25 ) great design and good sound, if your using them at home i recommend them. The only problem was the 3m long cable, it was a real shame but my own fault as it did say on the box. The cable could just fit in my pockets and if it weren't for that i would still have them.

The next 2 were the JVC HA-S360-B and Sony ZX300 Both priced around £20. The sound was fine and they both look very similar however i felt that the cups were too big.
I've looked online and found that reviews for low range headphones are ( unsurprisingly ) hard to come by I even considered getting replica Solo HD Beats headphones as i feel paying that much for not so exceptional sound is not my bag even though they very good looking.
One set I was looking at was the Sony MDR-V150 due to the same style as the V300 mentioned above. Has anyone used these, if so what did you think?
So there we go folks, my first post. If anyone could help me out by answering any of these questions that would be just hunky-dory.
  1. Considering my position what sets would you recommend?
  2. All of the above have had foam that go around the ear, this is what i want but does it have a name?
  3. I was looking at the Urbanears Plattan and have been told to look at the 2nd generation does anyone have any experience with these, what did you think?
  4. I found mixed reviews for the replica Solo's and found ones on DealXtreame for $70 which seem to good to be true based on the good feedback it has both on the website and on Youtube, What do you guys think?

A lot to take in I appreciate and I will no doubt have missed things out so I will edit this from time to time... So yeah Thanks for reading and i suppose this could be a discussion more than a query I think there will be a few people in my position 



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