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Help finding a replacement for my beloved JVC HA-FX1X IEM's

  1. amarthfea
    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for having a great and informative forum. I have been searching this forum for a while and can't seem to find any good ideas.

    2 weeks ago my iem's started to die after 4 years of continue use (I'd say about 15000 hrs) I work at a desk 60 hours a week with my trusty 80gb iPod classic to keep me company.

    I listen to a lot of heavy bass electronic, rock, metal, speedcore, classic rock, big band, swing, jazz, hiphop, dubstep, and tons in between.

    I started with the basic iPod headphones, worked up to skull candy and after 2 or 3 pairs of the skull candy I went up to these JVC's.

    I loved them; sure I had to play with the eq all the time to get them to sound juust right but they were good quality and have done me well.

    So my question is, I have my trusty 80gb iPod classic and need new iem's to keep my sanity at work. I would consider an amp someday but not within the next 6 months and not without more research. I'm also debating retiring my iPod and using my phone as my music player (lg g4 with expandable memory) but again not for a while.

    My wife said I can spend $100 Canadian or less (I might be able to swing 50 more but that's between us) so let me know if you have any ideas or have used these and upgraded.

  2. OldDude04
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  3. amarthfea
    Thanks! Those look to hit the nail on the head and be within reach.

    I'd love to upgrade to a real dac and amp one of the problems I have though is my computer is a work computer so no files from home allowed. As far as I read the cheaper usb dacs run of your computer files. So I would need something that either has internal memory or/preferably sd or micro sd card expandability. I've been searching for a few hours on the forums and I don't think that would all fit in the budget right now. Maybe someday though :)

    Although I'm always open to suggestions
  4. OldDude04
    You could use your LG G4 and its file storage as your source player, then pick up a nice portable DAC/Amp (like a FiiO E17k maybe) to go with your phone. That way, no files ever need to touch your work computer. If you go that route, take a look at Neutron or PowerAmp as your player on the LG, they are both great and play all kinds of file types along with having a built in EQ.
  5. amarthfea
    So I was able to fix my he's and they died for good this time. Are the Sony MDR-XB50AP still a good option?

    Thanks everyone!
  6. OldDude04
    Not really, lol. There are some much better options now over the last couple of years. The KZ ZS10, the Tin Audio T2 Pro, TFZ Exclusive King Formal, the OneMore Triple Driver are all under $100.
  7. amarthfea
    Thanks I looked into all that you recomended and because I like to wear my iems cable down it looks like the tin audio t2 pros might be the best fit for me.

    I like the removable cables that's nice!
  8. amarthfea
    After a long wait the t2 pros finally came in this weekend. After an hour of using them I must say totally not worth the wait. Tried diferent sources, different eq's nothing. There is absolutely no bass whatsoever all mids and highs.

    That and they felt weird, they don't go in very far and are heavy. I can get used to this but I wonder should I even bother?

    Does anyone know if the t2 pros will become more bass heavy with time or should I try to see if no can return them or exchange maybe. Or am I just screwed for 100 bucks :frowning2:

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