Help, can someone help me out with my research project on the impact of the internet on audiophiles / headphone users.
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Feb 8, 2012
I have just started a research project in college and was wondering if you guys could offer me any advice or opinions.
here is the details of the assignment.
''How has the Internet impacted your chosen audience (audiophiles / headphone users). What changes in audience behaviour are attributable to digital technologies and what challenges would your organisation face in interacting with your target audiences online.''
I was thinking of structuring it like this:
Evolution of Digital Technologies relevant to the Target Audiences (evolution of portable audio, evolution of digital audio, .......)
Impact of Digital Technologies on Target Audiences (internet: more informed choice of headphone due to user reviews, blogs, forums........)
Digital Technologies and their Impact on Industry Locally and Globally (alot of hi end audio specialists closing down locally, on a global level access more products......
Future Trends that will impact my Audience Industry (Celebrity endorsed headphones, streaming headphones, wireless headphones, headphone apps.....
Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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