Hello everyone! Looking for EPH-100 Replacement
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Jun 21, 2015
Hey! I have been reading the forums for years, every time I'm looking for new gear I search trough impression threads and read around. This way I departed the dark world of "gaming" and "premium" products, so far I have been very satisfied with the gear purchased based on user feedback on head-fi, there's practically no stores that allow to try before you buy in my country, so the forums have really been a godsend.

One of said purchases was a pair of Yamaha's EPH-100, they served me faithfully for a couple years, but it lost them a couple of weeks ago. I really liked them and used them as my daily driver when on the move (I live relatively far from college, 1hr bus trip twice a day + library time, so music is my timekiller).

As on the past I turned into the forums looking for a replacement, but this time I could not really decide based on impression threads alone, as it seems the $100-$150 IEM's bracket is really competitive. I mainly listen to Indie/Classic/Hard Rock, Pop, Electro and even some Classical. I really liked the sound from the EPH-100 although when on noisy environments (such as a bus) I felt the bass drowned out a bit, so would not mind just a tad more bass, I also found the microphonics were noticeable but tolerable. I plan on wearing these at lest a couple hours per day, so I can give up some sound quality or isolation for comfort.

The source I'm using is the 320kbps files from Spotify, from my Moto G or iPod touch. (No amp)

My budget is around $130 based on amazon or ebay prices, I nailed down some options but could not make up my mind, any other suggestion would be appreciated.
- GR07 Classic/Bass Edition.
- RHA MA750
- ATH-IM70
- SE215
- DUNU Titan1 

Any help is really appreciated 
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I don't have 4 of the IEMs that you listed there but I can help you narrow down your options.
You can count the GR07 and DUNU Titan1 out because both don't have a lot of bass at all. The latter have extremely poor isolation, therefore it won't sound very good in noisy environment (I've used the Titan1 and while I love its sound, I hated it for commuting purposes).
The IM70 and SE215 are well-known and used as budget IEM monitors, hence they have very good isolation. Sound wise, I can't help you there as I've never heard of them. For what it's worth, a friend of mine who's a musician uses the IM70 and said it's very good for its price.
FYI, I also use the EPH-100 and prefer it over the Titan1 for commuting despite preferring the Titan1's sound.
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I use the ma750 and I really enjoy them. I recommend that you get them along with comply comfort ear tips. I personally don't like se215 because it only has bass and lacks clarity. I'd recommend you to buy another EPH-100 or go with the ma750.

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