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[Headset for PS4(pro) & Xbox One X?]

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Evoriya, Apr 5, 2018.
  1. Evoriya
    So, I have recently got myself an Xbox one X. I also have a PS4 Pro. The headphones I currently have are the Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 and Audio Technica ATH-AD900's. The only DAC I have is the Schiit Fulla. I use the DAC and my AD900's for my desktop use. Music/Gaming.

    The ADG1 headphones I have I been using for my Xbox. However, no idea if its the video game but the sound sometimes cuts out for a second during cut-scenes. So I been thinking of just upgrading to a headset for specifically console-wise.

    My first choice was just go all out and buy Astro A50's. I never had a wireless, but seem'd like I should try them out. However, I decided to just go for the A40's TR. Which comes with the headset + DAC/AMP? idk what it is. I could use it for both my Xbox and PS4, although I won't be able to use the chat function for one of the systems. I mostly would get the one's for Xbox, since I will be mainly playing with friends on the Xbox. PS4 will mainly be just for single-players, like the new God of War, FF7 remake, etc etc. So I don't mind if the chat function won't work.

    So to wrap this up, I was wondering if anyone can maybe recommend me something similar to the Astro's? I'll mainly want it for FPS gaming, but wouldn't mind obviously the quality is good too.

    Price range is about 250$, same as the A40's, but anything cheaper would be good too. Also, it don't have to have a microphone, I do have a Modmic, so if anything I can buy extra parts and attach it to the headphone.

  2. Azurik
    Have a look at the new SteelSeries pro range.

    A lot of people will give you the usual recommendations to stay away from “gaming” headsets and by normal headphones with an additional mic. You will then need an amp and dac (with optical input to cover both consoles) plus more wires for chat options.

    The new Astro headsets with dolby headphone sound very bad and I would stay clear.

    DTS headphone x v2 on the steelseries sound very good to my ears and not as echoey and tinny as Dolby headphone.

    You can also go down the soundblaster x7 with your choice of (open) headphones but again that includes wires if you don’t mind.

    Soundwise (based on virtual surround sound) the new steelseries (wireless and wired with dac/amp included) with dts x v2 sound the best but don’t work for chat on Xbox and you need to find a work round. Works out the box for pc and PS4.
  3. HiCZoK
    Have You tried Koss Porta Pro?
    I just run it out of a controller and it gets loud enough and sounds fantastic but no microphone. There is KTC version. maybe that mic would work ?
  4. NBigbee
    I have the A50s and hate them. They just don't sound good. I use Focal Listen's actually with the Vmoda mic with no problems and no need for amplification.

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