HeadRoom Grand 20th Anniversary Sale!!
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Nov 29, 2006
Hello Head-Fi Friends of HeadRoom,
We are so very ecstatic to announce our grand 20th Anniversary! in the headphone business and as manufacturer of our made-in-Montana headphone amps and DACs. From our humble beginnings way back at the dawn of headphone time (summer 1992), we simply could not have come this far without your support and encouragement of our collective HeadRoom~ Headphone.com efforts over these many years.
So a big, giant heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to each and everyone of you from the entire team here at HeadRoom!

To celebrate, we're offering our best flagship products at great sale discounts, including our top-of-the-line HeadRoom Triple Balanced Stack at an unheard of 40% off along with free (yep, we said FREE!) recabling of selected headphones to balanced/XLR termination [HeadRoom/Cardas 'Fat Pipe' cable only] -- meaning savings of $1,600 bucks over normal list price. Holy moly! This is a very limited-time 20th Anniv special sale we have never before offered in our HeadRoom history and we've alloted just a specified number of units for this sale. When the alloted number is sold, the sale will be withdrawn and it'll all be over -- except for talking about it at the bar.

So please take advantage of our 10% OFF 1 piece > / 20% OFF 2 pieces > / 40% OFF Triple Stack HeadRoom 20th anniversary sale. More details are linked below. And, as always, don't forget our expert team of HeadRoom headphone geeks are standing by ready to help you get it "Right Between The Ears"  so call us toll-free in North America @ (800) 828-8184
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Just wanted to mention we're experiencing HUGE, unprecedented call volumes today (and probably tomorrow too!) due to the incoming Sennheiser HD700 interest coinciding with our 20th Anniversary HeadRoom Triple-Stack Sale, so if you can't get through on our toll-free phone lines the first time or two around, PLEASE keep trying!
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Hello All,
Looks like our HeadRoom Balanced Triple-Stack sale has exceed all forecasts and we've already sold-out of all the Triple-Stack packages we'd built up expecting to last us until July. So today we have listed the Triple-Stack units availability at 2~4 weeks. But fear not balanced headphone audiophiles, our HeadRoom manufacturing team is hard at work making more. We hope to continue this "once in a lifetime" HeadRoom 20th Anniversary sale for at least another couple of weeks... or while our crew can manage to keep 'em coming!
Thanks for the unexpectedly awesome response, everyone -- and thanks also for the patience!

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Whoa, Jorge.  Happy anniversary, and what a very cool promo!  Glad to have this set already!
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What about orders for only a balanced headphone. Is there also a discount?

Hi Eiouwa,
Thanks for asking!
The free ($249 value) HeadRoom XLR/balanced headphone recable offer is only available with purchase of the HeadRoom Triple-Stack sale package. There are no discounts presently available for just a balanced headphone purchase.
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Congrats on 20 years and a great sale on the triple stack. I'm very much enjoying my ultra desktop amp and desktop power supply. Great gear for sure!!!
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I look forward to getting to audition the Triple Stack at the upcoming Chi-Uni-Fi 6 on June 16th HeadRoom is sending to the meet along with balance HD800s and Audeze.  Hopefully the sale will still be going on so after some of the attendees get a chance to listen to it, they may place an order.
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Hello Everyone,
Due to the amazing, stunning success of the HeadRoom 20th Anniversary Triple Stack Package sale, we are likely stopping the sale on Monday June 11 (or very early thereafter).

The Triple Stack Package sale numbers have exceeded our wildest forecasts. We believed we had enough Triple Stack units to last until mid-to-late summer but we ran through our entire on-shelf inventory in just eight business days and we're now into back-order with about a 2 week wait for a TS Package order placed today. Our HeadRoom manufacturing team is hard at work making more -- but we're now facing a parts shortage with an expected 8~10 week order lead-time for one or two critical parts, so we'll be forced to shut down the 20th Anniv Sale once we hit those thresholds. 
Sooooo if you're interested in getting in on this 'once in a lifetime' special, we encourage placing an order by end of this week. Of course, domestic/USA credit cards are not charged at HeadRoom until all the goodies ship your way!
A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all who have made our HeadRoom 20th Anniversary Sale such a spectacular event and to all Head-Fi members for supporting our wonderful headphone community. We could not have made it this far without you!
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