Headphones + transportable DAC and amp for electronic music
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New Head-Fier
May 21, 2012
Hello everybody,
I would really appreciate some help in choosing new headphones with DAC and amp.
Looking for a setup to listen mostly in a quiet office environment from job laptop with the ability to take everything with myself to trip sometimes. So basicaly I am looking for TRANSportable stuff, pure portability is not needed, with closed cans. Also, I would like to take that of a purist approach and buy DAC and amp as two separate units.
Music, although everything from jazz to techno, mostly consists of dancy electronic stuff (house, trip hop, electro pop), so tight (!) and deep bass is of the utter importance to me (tightness is more important than deepness, if I would have to choose). I especially enjoy warm, thick, organic and "clear" sound signature and just can't stand too much hissing treble and boomy "noise". Also, there are quite a lot of vocals in my music library, so we can't forget middles completely too, I guess...
1. HEADPHONES. I don't like putting anything IN my ear and I find full-sized over-ear headphones uncomfortable while at work, so looks like on-ear portables is the only choice. Wanted to spend 150$ at first but after auditioning of SENNHEISER HD-215 (125$), I raise my bar to 200-300$. They threw my old TECHNICS RP-F350 (45$) out of the window but bass level was far from enough for me. After some research I came to SENNHEISER HD 25-1 II and BEYERDYNAMIC DT1350 (what a suprise here, huh?) - which would you recommend acc. to my tastes? Sure, maybe I just need to audition both... Any other phone suggestions?
2. DAC. HRT MUSIC STREAMER II (150$) looks a good candidate for me: sweet reviews and transportable too. Any other candidates? Am I on the right path?
3. AMPLIFIER. Not sure, need your help. How much will it be logical to spend with such cans and DAC configuration? Read good thoughts about ELECTRIC AVENUE PA2V2 but I don't need such portability and maybe adding some more money would really make a difference? I think 150$ is the biggest sum I am willing to spend on this.
Thank you. :wink:

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