Headphones/IEM for the train...help me choose something for the boyfriend.
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Feb 28, 2007
My BF is no audiophile, but he tries to pretend to be to appease me =). In fact...I let him babysit my vinyl set up and collection while I am away at school!

Anyway, he just got promoted so like a cool girlfriend I want to get him some nice ear candy to congratulate him. Right now he only has a pair of Senn HD212 which he uses for his commute to work on the train. I would like to upgrade him a bit to a pair of closed stylish cans for his train ride...I am also thinking about getting him IEMs.

He likes rock mostly and some rap. Since he is okay with wearing his HD212 in public I guess he would be okay with full size phones...I hope to get him something stylish and quality if I could. So IEM AND Full size CLOSED suggestions please! My budget would be $150 at the most!
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I'd stick with IEMs if he has any hair left. It's very uncool to arrive to work with headband hair.
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Is $100 a good deal for the Audio Technica ES7? I really don't know about phones other than grados...

yup 100$ is about the going rate.

However, just to let you know - ES7s are very colored. Some people love their pair while whole bunch of others hate them - they have rather harsh mids and hot treble - which I love. They don't isolate very well either(more than D1000s, but nowhere near as HD25-Is.
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I was thinking about the super.fi...I am a little concerned about the fit and ease of use...

any comments? When it comes to headphones for "normal people" haha...I just get worried that the way the UEs sit in the ear might turn him off.
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wow I would love if my gf did this for me. I have to say, if he doesn't mind full size cans, than get him full-size cans, some people absolutely hate them, so I would stay safe. I don't own any closed cans, but I do hear good things about the ES7's, not to mention they are very aesthetically pleasing.
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Shure IEM's fit your budget too. Once you get used to IEMs you wont go back for commuting.
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^ haha

Well I just went for it and bought him an amp off the forums... a C&C Box+. I figure I can give him a starter kit into the world of hi-fi audio....now, got to decide on the darn phones!!

Super.fi or Denons!! Waaah..

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