Headphones for running?
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Feb 16, 2006
(the only thread on this I saw was 4 years old, so I thought I'd ask again)

I've decided that I want to try listening while running.

Sound quality is less of a concern than comfort and stability (I don't want them falling off or even sliding around).

I do not want isolation (otherwise, I would just use my IEMs). I've tried using my Shure E3s, and they were a little too isolating and a little too microphonic (even after running the cord down my back.

The player will be a Sansa clip (or maybe an iPhone in the near future).

Some specific questions:
- clipon vs. over the head vs. in-ear (but not isolating)
- Koss KSC-75s (do clip ons hold on to your ears?)
- Yuin GK2as (do these clip ons hold on tight?)
- Sennheiser PX-100s? (do these clamp on well enough? are there other under $50 lightweight phones that are recommended?)
- Cheap IEMs that aren't isolating? (suggestions?)
- Other ideas?

Embarassingly, I don't think I have a pair of cheap earbuds to try handy (I gave away the ones that came with the player since I never use them). But I'll dig up a pair to try out.

Any advice is really welcome.


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I've used the EP630 and CX300 for over a thousand miles of cycling, but riding (on roads) is less jarring than jogging. Between the two, I'd recommend the EP630, hands down.
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I've used the KSC-75s for running back in my track days for warming up and warming down. The clips definitely hold on and the 'phones are great quality for the price, especially if you'll be drenching them in sweat.

They're not IEMs so no microphonics, and they do not offer isolation, which IMO is much better for running because it's unsafe to be secluded from traffic and people around you.
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May I suggest Thomson HED-241
Very cheap , less than 10$
But they stay in place while running, and I can forget them.
No isolation, you can hear things around you, which is safer while running.
Sound quality: muffled a bit, but you won't pay too much attention to SQ while running.
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What about the iGrados? They are open and they clip on to your ear. I havent heard them, but i hear they sound great..
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I wear Sennheiser PMX-70 when I workout. They're fairly sweatproof and will definitely not fall off or move around once you put them on. Since they're not IEM's, microphonics are not an issue and you can run/jump/lift weights etc. without yanking them out of your ears. Isolation isn't very good due to their design, but I don't really want isolation when I'm running on the road. I'd like to have a bit of warning before I get run over.

SQ isn't the greatest, but definitely good enough for gym-use. If you don't mind spending a bit more, the PMX-80 supposedly sounds better.

I've got a set of KSC-75, and they do sound better than the PMX-70, but there's no way I'd wear them running. I know function>fashion, but I think they're just too dorky looking to wear out in public. Then there's the issue of the foam covers. Foam + sweat + Georgia heat = nastiness
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In my experience, I've always been an in-ear fan for any portable application but running/weightlifting in my cheaper pairs (UE Super.Fi 3, ER6i) I wasn't very satisfied. Now, this may not be the case with you.

My problem was that when running, my labored breathing moved my jaw a lot so they slowly "wiggled" out of my ear and when weightlifting I usually focus on explosive lifts so they just went flying. But again, that's just me. Your practices may be different and they would work great for you but I would hate for anyone to spend money they could've avoided ahead of time so just take it under consideration
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Don't get a 'normal' type of headphones (sweat will ruin it) for running and don't use canalphones (blocks too much sound).
I suggest something sweatproof/waterproof like the sennheiser MX85 fit to twist. I think they are the best earphones for running/sports IMO. If you are serious about your workout you'll be sweating like a pig and you need something resistant.

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Thanks for all the great ideas!

I am now leaning towards buying an inexpensive pair of "sport" headphones (I hadn't considered the sweat issue before) - probably pmx-70s since they can be had cheaply (unless I find a pair of pmx-80s). the 1 piece seems more convenient than the MX85s.
The lack of adjustability (on the 70s/80s) seems a little scary though.

If anyone has any particular advice on sport-specific headphones, I'd love to hear it!


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+1 for PMX-80, much better than 70s. Don't worry about adjustability, they are in fact quite flexible.
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I use KSC-75 and an iPod Shuffle for running and biking. Sounds great, don't fall off, very light weight and cheap (the 1 Gig clip-on Shuffles are now only $49 since they brought out a new Shuffle). Earbuds don't stay in when I run. I used to use CX-300 hybrid canalphones to run, but they are a bit too isolating. They are too scary for biking with cars around. After a couple years my first Shuffle died, I presume from sweat. So now I wrap a little plastic wrap around my new Shuffle before I clip it on. Or I may buy a waterproof case, though they cost over half the price of the Shuffle and strap to the arm rather than clipping on which I prefer. Happy running.
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I decided to try the PMX-80s. ZipZoomFly has a special (maybe it's any Sennheiser dealer) where you get a free pair of CX300s with them. We'll see how good they are in a week or so when they arrive.

Thanks for all of the advice! It was helpful to be pointed towards specific sport models, and the Senns in particular.


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