Headphones for hip hop on an ipod?
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Jul 27, 2009
What headphones do you recommend for me?
-I listen to primarily rap
-I use an iPod
-I prefer closed headphones
I read about the Denon D1001, they seem ok, but I'm hoping someone can tell me about the comfort, listening to hip hop, and using it with an ipod.
Or recommend any others for about $100, thanks. Sorry if I sound like a noob, I just starting reading about this today.
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Its not that comfortable but my Equation RP-21 sounds great with some E-40 and Too Short straight from an ipod mini. Its a little hot for summer time though. Much more comfortable with much more treble and a tad less deep bass is the Sony V6, check sonystyle.com for a great deal on a refurb. Avoid the Sennheiser 280 pro it will not be very forgiving to mp3s.
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One of the Denon models such as AH-D5000 or 2000. they have incredible bass and clarity.
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Thanks, also do I need to bother buying an amp for any headphones mentioned in this thread?

No. All of these headphones are 32ohms and under.

Ummm... ALL I know is the V6. Get the DT250 pads. (Someone correct me on the model)
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I am not one of the many HD 280 haters on this forum, but I will say they sound pretty bad from my ipod, especially on the bass.

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