Headphones for gym - with good isolation, and decent sound
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Wearing IEMs too much seems to irritate my ears so think I'll need to wear my etys less often
So I'm looking for some headphones for the gym - need something with good isolation (the more the better) to block out the awful house music. Obviously, I'd like decent sound, too - the type of monitor-like sound the ety er6 give would be good, and a bit more bass would be nice...though I know I'm unlikely to get this in budget
Listen to a range of music: mostly indie/rock, punk, drum n bass, hip hop, dancehall etc. in gym...

These are to use with a sandisk sansa express player (not at particularly high volumes). I mostly use gym for weights - not moving especially quickly, so lightness etc. not a major issue, though comfy phones obviously good and they need to stay in place when I lie down etc. Budget - about £50-100, depending what I can get...I wouldn't like to spend £100 unless I got something that sounded pretty good...

Thanks in advance
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The KSC75 do not offer any isolation.

Look of a pair of PXC250 by senn. They are active noise canceling, however I found them to have pretty decent sound quality. They are also very compact.
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I'm getting Sennheiser PMX 70 Sport soon. These are light earbuds with a headband. IMO these are the best sports headphones.

How can your opinion be that these are the best sports headphones if you don't even have them yet?
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Because of the construction. These are totally un-fallable, which is the thing I appreciate most while in the gym or jogging. No proper seal = much trouble. These have flawless seal.
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Thanks for the replies - I definitely do want something that gives isolation. I did think about the noise-cancelling senn phones, but wasn't impressed at all with the sound on the other noise cancelling phones I've heard...maybe try to get a listen to these, though.

Anything worth looking at with good passive isolation? I don't mind a large-ish pair of phones, so long as they can survive being chucked into my bag regularly.
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Originally Posted by toxicsweet /img/forum/go_quote.gif
PMX 70 Sport aren't active noise canceling cans. Did you look at the pic?

They're earbuds, though - not headphones, and (as earbuds) I presume that isolation is poor? Unless Sennheisser have figured out some clever way to implement this...

Anything else worth looking at, more in the headphone line?
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I just picked up a pair of Koss pro3AAs for traveling. They have good isolation and very heavy bass and retail for around $70.00 U.S. bu can probably be had for much less and Koss has a fairly generous lifetime warranty. They are fairly large but have a good snug fit that keeps them from moving around too much
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I use Senn CX 300s for running and biking. They don't insert as far as a normal IEM. They're sort of a hybrid. They don't isolate as well as an Etymotic though either. They have more bass and overall warmer sound than my Ety ER 4P and not as much clear high end but they are not bad at all for working out. And they don't have the microphonic problem of the cord on the ER 4Ps either which makes them no fun to use for working out.
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Right - noticed cx300 now reduced so pretty cheap. Figured I'd give them a try first - see if the lower insertion irritates less. If I can't use them, the koss phones do look interesting...


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