Headphones for Gaming & Music / Movies?
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Mar 12, 2011
I've recently gotten back into competitive gaming and I also watch a lot of movies and listen to music nonstop. It's probably a 50/50 split of priority between gaming and movies/music. I've normally used headsets like Astro A40 or Sennheiser PC360 but I've been looking through prices of reputable headphones and they seem extremely reasonable compared to headsets of that caliber and price.
What would you guys recommend? I've seen a lot of options such as Beyerdynamic DT 990 & DT 880, AKG K701 & K702, Sennheiser HD650 & HD600, etc. I'd like to avoid paying more than it would cost to snag one of the headsets I mentioned earlier so anywhere from $0 to $200 or so, give or take $50 possibly. I have no problem buying used, especially for a significant upgrade in quality.
My other question is what would be the best way to add a microphone and amplifier to the system for a console + pc setup? I'm assuming an Astro Mixamp would be the best option but will it have enough juice to run everything? Also, if I went with something like a Blue Yeti or Antlion Modmic, is there a way to set it up for use on both my console and pc at the same time?
Thanks for the help!
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I would go with a closedback if you have a pc with lots of fans or ps4 dt 770 has good isolation. You could buy a usb mic for both console and pc.
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I think gaming + hifi are a tough split. I am not a competitive gamer, but it seems people tend to buy headsets so they can solve two problems at once.
What sort of games are you playing? FPS, RTS, MOBA? From what I know you will want open back for FPS, but could do fine with closed back for other game types.
How important is voice quality?
I own the A50s for console, but have a yeti on my PC. I dont typically play games there that require chat, so can tell you if the yeti is good for game chat.
Off top of my head I dont believe you can run the mix amp to two systems at once for use. Not without some sort of mixer. What console are you on?
As for price, you might be best with something like Ultrasone PRO 550 + modmic, if you aren't playing games that require position ques. Most of the headphones you list I dont believe sell for under $200 used, but I could be wrong.

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