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Headphones For Fun

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dbaker1981, Sep 1, 2016.
  1. dbaker1981
    I just wanted to start this thread to get every ones opinion for there favorite headphones for just fun listening. We pretty much all have our go to cans for different situations or genre of music. When your just looking for some tunes without wanting to be analytical but just jam what do you reach for? I myself am torn between the Hifiman He-400s and the Sennheiser HD600. Looking forward to see the differences in opinion.
  2. KnightSirius
    I'd automatically reach for my HD598s because I don't really have another decent set of cans, and for my on the go type of thing I'd normally use my Klipsch S4is (May they rest in peace, they just died) xD

    Though these days since I don't game much (I have a modmic on my 598s) I tend to use my Desktop Monitors (Adam F7s) for music or just general listening!
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  3. dbaker1981
    My on the go normally consists of my DX80 with either my 1more Triple drivers or the Oppo PM-3. If your in the market for new iem i really recommend the 1more's. There mostly $99 and punch well above there weight.
  4. MannerPylon
    Fostex TH-X00s, very nice fun sound to me. It's too bad I can't wear them for super long periods of times as their cup shape starts to hurt my ears.
  5. dbaker1981

    Thats one thing I'll give the oppo's. They are extreamly comfortable for long wearing.
  6. DeLuX

    +1 for the massdrop Fostexs they get pretty much all my "non critical listening" time, they are just sooo addictive

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