Headphones for console gaming?
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Feb 14, 2015
My girlfriend asked me if I might want headphones for gaming for Christmas. Not really sure I want one. She probably wants to buy me a pair so she doesn't hear me gaming lol.  
This is something I never really thought about, and I'm not sure how audio works wirelessly with the PS3 (Yes I'm still on it and have yet to jump on the new gen bandwagon).
To use headphones wirelessly with the PS3 can I use any bluetooth headphone?
I noticed that the official gaming headsets from Sony all have a USB dongle to transmit the audio wireless. Are these specific headphones necessary for game audio on the PS3?
My PS3 is connected straight to the TV which doesn't have a headphone jack, and I don't have a surround set up or any kind of system that I put the game audio through. Just the TV.
What are my options?
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Does your TV have an audio out on the back? It should be two RCA jacks.

Are you apposed to wired headphones?

I didn't think my TV had audio outs but it has two: 1) 3.5 mm jack 2) digital optical out

I'm not opposed to wired, I just thought wireless was pretty much my only keep it simple option to hear the audio of the playstation with headphones. I guess my options opened up to using some kind of amp connected to my TV or playstation since that has an optical out as well?
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You could do something like the Turtle Beach x12 which is one of my favorites. Even the noontec Zoro II HD works well as I have been testing it with my XBOX One lately. The noontec is on-ear and the x12 is over-ear. Headphones that have a built-in mic will work, but you will need to split the mic and game sound out from the headphone.
The issue with the x12 is that is not a music listening headphone, but it is a great gaming headset. The mic is stellar, crisp, and clean. The audio mix is easily adjustable with the built-in volume controls for chat,
If you go the Turtle Beach route be sure to check out videos like the one below to help connect them to the PS3.

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