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Headphones for big heads AND wearing glasses.

  1. FcCal
    I've been eyeing the

    Plantronics backbeat go 810

    Since it's readily in stores and I've heard good reviews about them. (also i have $150 aud credit in store)

    Was wondering if anyone could give an input, or other recommendations?

    I'm not an audiophile or anything, would just love to make an informed purchase on a good quality wireless headphones to last me a while.

    The noise cancelling isn't necessary but it would be a nice feature to have.

    Purchase would be to replace my old Audio Technica M50x

    Budget would be around $300 aud or less

    Also I read that on ear headphones are more comfy than over ears for people wearing glasses? if anyone could confirm?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  2. Whazzzup
  3. FcCal
    Thanks, do you know where i can get them? also how much do they cost? noise cancelling?
  4. FcCal
    Any help?
  5. PaganDL
    Hi @FcCal,

    With on ears, it all depends on you (your head shape, size & ear size, shape, profile) as well as the headphone design, glasses can only be a potential issue FOR ANY headphone (on ear, over ear) if the clamping force on the headband is too tight or not seated right.
    As a glasses wearer, I prefer over ear as I find overall fit & placement is better than on ear for me personally & doesn't shift for no reason with light head movement, though your mileage may vary.
    I also have a sizable head.

    Unfortunately, I do not have experience with Plantronics headphones other than their communication headsets & a very old gaming headset so can't comment on the go 810 specifically.
    For this kind of thing where there is ample information review wise is both a good & bad thing, I would be very wary but that's just me.

    Since you are looking for something to last a while wireless with Noise Cancelling as an option, my immediate go to would be Sony WH 1000 XM3. (These are over ears)
    Since you have JB store credit (excellent work by the way), then 1000 X M3 fits your budget nicely as you will only be paying $ 249 AUD after the credit.
    I have the 1000 XM2 so I can attest while personally there is no need to upgrade, the M3 is easily recommended.
    If you're curious to how it sounds, I suggest go somewhere like addicted to audio in Kew East to try them out then if you're happy, buy them at JB Hifi.

    Otherwise, as a cheaper option with $ 45 credit to spare, Sony XB 650 BT is not a bad choice, I haven't heard this...yet but it is my understanding it is a much simplified version of the 1000 X though how far this is true, I do not know yet but it certainly makes me curious if I wasn't well sorted.

    Hope you have a great day !
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I'm using an HD600, never had any problems with glasses and any headphones but the frame of your glasses could be your main problem. If they bow out too far from your temples or you're wearing those thick earpieces on gran pappy and hipster glasses, consider some other frame.

    If you want to try the headphone route first maybe get an HD600 but buy a spare set of cheap knock off earpads and mount some Brainwavz HM5 angled earpads on them, and wear them sort of loose (fully extend then bend the metal frame outwards).

    If you really want to use store credit...is that a brick and mortar store? Because if it is then go and try the headphones on with your glasses. Whatever you can get there that's comfortable to you will be a safer bet than anything we can suggest here.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  7. FcCal
    Thanks for the replies.

    As of now I've narrowed down to 2 choices after doing more research online.

    The Sony ch700 and the Sony 1000 xm3, and I'm very in between between the 2 of them.

    The cheaper ch700 or the newer 1000xm3 with usb c?

    Reviews online describe both with exceptional sound quality and comfort. with the ch700 with less than desirable noise cancelling.
  8. PaganDL
    Hi @FcCal,

    Just go with the 1000 XM 3.

    Hope you have a great day !

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