Headphone with in-line microphone
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Jun 13, 2013
Hello folks,
I was searching for certain types of headphone with microphone and came across this board. Looks like loaded with information.
I have a LOT of earphones, headphones for variety of purposes, workout, walk, riding a train etc. Some of them are great (as I find them). Now I am on a lookout for a different kind of headphone, not too such if it exists, so here I am asking you folks.
I have quite many in-canal earphones, which are great as long as I am using them at home or quiet area and do not want to talk to anyone. In recent past, I noticed that they trigger headache in me, so I stopped using them. I have a couple of pad type headphones and over-the-ear earphones but they are too bulky when I am riding a train or something. So I started using one Sony headphone that were lying around, It does the job but now I started using them on my phone instead of dedicated mp3 player so when I get a call, I have to pull them out and answer the call. I am looking for such headphone with microphone installed. I do not remember Sony model anymore but it is similar to the Maxell that is pictured below.
I am looking for a headphone of similar kind WITH microphone in-line, just like iPhone or Beats Audio earphone. I wonder if someone can point me to such product.
Many thanks
(P.S. - I am unable to attach image using 'Insert Image' option. It just shows that it is doing something but never get a dialog box to upload the image..Not too sure what I am missing here, Using Chrome, if that matters)

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