headphone upgrade: is this reasonable advice?
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Dec 13, 2007
I've only heard a handful of the high-end (dynamic) headphones but based on that and lots of reading here, here's my take.

Once you start getting to the higher level, the differences are in terms of signature rather than quality. 'Better' becomes more and more subjective. If you're looking for an upgrade from an obviously lower level, I wouldn't worry that there won't be an improvement. The issues are whether you like the signature and whether the difference is worth it to you.

In terms of the signature, others here can offer good advice but it really helps if you have a reference, e.g. two different headphones already, so you can appreciate the likely differences, or a well-known headphone, so others have a baseline from which to advise.

Regards amps, I believe (so far) that they will not change something you don't like into something you do; they won't EQ. Even if it's not quite that simple, it's probably still better to put your money into different HP rather than more and more expensive amps and searching for that elusive synergy. That's for another day...

Is that fair enough?

(If not, then I've learnt nothing so far. Arghhhhh!)

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