Headphone surround external decoder wanted
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Nov 14, 2017
Seville, Ohio, United States
Hello I'm looking for a good surround sound to two track headphone surround converter.

Ideally I would like something like a Turtle Beach DSS but better. In 25% the movies the turtle beach DSS converts Dolby movies into realistic surround soundscapes, assuming you're wearing over the ears headphones while watching it.

The problem is 70% of my movies in Blu-ray are DTS and 5% are lpcm surround.

Since it only recognizes a toslink input and doesn't recognize the DTS code the 70% of the movies fail because it doesn't know how to accurately convert DTS to Dolby headphone.

As for the lpcm 5%, toslink can only handle two tracks of lpcm.

I understand my Xbox One has software-based decoders, but the problem is you have to change between Dolby and DTS movies actively instead of having a "follow media" option.

However sometimes I watch my movies on a Sony ubp-x800 4K + 3D Blu-ray player. And I don't think that has any software based options for headphone decoding.

10 years ago our normal TV company said it would take $10,000 worth of labor to get surround sound working in our room and even then only at one particular point in the room. Surround headphones are obviously the cheaper less labor intensive and most satisfactory solution for everybody.

the problem is the only stuff I see with specific decoders only the code Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 to Dolby headphone.

There's some stuff on eBay that claims to be headphone decoders, but they have so many other descriptions that I don't know whether they're just trying to hit all bases and that's just a marketing move or whether they actually can convert surround sound into headphone surround.

Ideally I'd like anything that could decode any Dolby, DTS, or lpcm movie and convert it into a convincing soundscape where I could tell the directions of where everything's coming from.

I noticed head-fi.org has many places to talk about bass treble mid-range of music but not too many places to talk about 360° sphere of directionality of movies and games, which headphone mixes do have.

You have no specific category of equipment called surround headphone mixers so I couldn't post it in any category except general.

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