Headphone Recommnedation (yes.. another one)
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Mar 5, 2007
I have a severe lack of places to sample headphones, so I figured this is the next best thing.

I'm upgrading (computer as source, FLAC) to an Audio-GC Compass and would really like to upgrade my cans as well. Currently, I am running a DT770Pro to Headroom mini-amp from Elite-Pro.

Being how I plan on sticking to solid state for my amp, what headphones do you recommend?

Maximum cost will be 600 - 700 bucks.
Music style: Techno, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Metal (hell, anything except Rap)
Music Quality: Mostly FLAC (some mp3, with high vbr)
Amp: Solid State (Compass)
Duration: They will generally be on my head 2-3 hours a day, possibly more, especially at night when the baby is asleep (newborn, wakes really easily)
Preference: Prefer Closed, semi closed

I'm leaning towards ordering a Markl D2000 with wood cups or a MD5000, but I'm open towards any and all opinions.

Guys, thanks for your time / input on this, it's really appreciated.
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IMO esp if closed is an issue the Beyer Dt-150 is a much more refined step above the 770 having heard the JVC DX-1000 you can buy alot of diapers with the 150 vs the 1000, with improved SQ.
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Don't get me wrong, the DX1000's look really nice, but I'd like to stay in the price range listed. The primary reason being is that I can purchase the cans now vs. in a month or two.
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get the d7000 and do a partial markl mod. I love mine.
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If you like the dt770 already, upgrade to darth beyers v4 or deep darths
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You would let 2 months keep you from a set of DX-1000's?
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I have not heard the DT770s and I'm not familiar with their sound Not often recommended but in your price range is the Audio Technica ATH-W5000, found here.

Be sure to do some reading before taking the plunge. I just acquired a pair and it's too early to say much. Seems to fit my head perfectly, but some people have had issues with the fit. Does mid/upper bass quite well, emphasizes upper mids and treble extends quite nicely. Soundstage is more than adequate. My initial impression is quite positive. YMMV.

Someone recommended the DX1000 which is clearly out of your price range, even used. Great cans if you're a bass head.
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My laying in bed cans are Audio Technica ESW10jpn's. They are comfortable, light, closed, small. The pillow doesn't push against them at all. They sound fantastic. On the plus side, they are in your price range and don't really need an amp. On the minus side, they are probably overpriced for what they really are. Still, I love mine and won't part with them soon, overpriced or not. There's a bunch of reviews on head-fi. Mine is here:


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