Headphone Jerks
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Everywhere you go you'll find either good people or dumb***es! I just act like the jerks don't exist. I've had far more good experiences and met good people here than bad.
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Originally Posted by priest /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Whatever you do, don't go over to the Music forum.

You obviously haven't visited the "computer as source" forums.
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Originally Posted by fenixdown110 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I've run into both categories. I just ignore the bad and move on. I've made some good friends on here.

Bingo! That's the way to enjoy online forums.
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As said above, there is definitely a divide between full-size and portable. That goes for amps and headphones alike.

I guess I'm a jack of all trades, so I visit all of them.
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Well, recently I've been very busy so there's not much time left to stir up things.

Nah.. I'm also trying to be helpful, sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Punnisher /img/forum/go_quote.gif
As said above, there is definitely a divide between full-size and portable. That goes for amps and headphones alike.

I guess I'm a jack of all trades, so I visit all of them.

I usually don't go directly into any forum, but use the New Posts link. That way I don't miss posts that are interesting in forums I won't normally frequent.

That also doesn't let me comment on where jerks are more frequent. I seem to see them every dozen threads or so, and it's usually the same people.

Fortunately, I've only had run into the OPs problem a few times, where I was directly attacked. The ignore list works wonders for this. The few people that have caused problems for me have also not lasted long here as they were generally trolls that have alienated everyone.

I don't think it's isolated to the full sized headphone forum either. The cable forum is especially bad and why there's a ban on DBT discussions there. My bet is that if the OP made his post in the portable forum, he might have attracted the same or similar trolls.

The only place I don't see many trolls is the DIY forums and the ortho thread. Although, in the DIY forums, some people can be pretty abrupt if you're being an idiot. And I mean idiot, they're very tolerant of newbies.
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Just for comic relief: I originally clicked on this thread because I thought "headphone jerks" were some new kind of gear only Bilavideo knew about. I guess I'm getting desperate.
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I cruise both forums and there are a few more people with strong opinions and a few more rabble rousers in the fullsize forums but like others have said I just focus on what I the good stuff.

Having said that I have found myself defending the odd user in both forums from the occasional snobbery that can come from the initiated towards the uninitiated so to speak. But for the most part I find both forums fairly open.
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i think its just because the fullsize headphones get more exposure in general... heck even i didnt know what an IEM was until i found the headphone section of this forum
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The full-size headphone market is a bit more mature than the IEM market. When I first joined Head-Fi (has it really been over 7 years?) there were Sennheiser, Grado, AKG, and Sony as some of the most discussed cans. All these years later it's much the same for full-size headphones.

IEMs at that time were Etymotic and, uh, well that was about it at the time. Shure came along shortly after with consumer IEMs. Then Ultimate Ears and Sensaphonics within a few years. Today those companies still get discussed, but there's a lot of newer (or at least to the IEM market) companies getting mentioned a lot. So we get a mix of Sony, JVC, V-Moda, Klipsch, and even Monster Cable (!) getting discussed here. In a year I'm sure there will be even more companies in the IEM field.

I think because of the relative maturity of the full-size headphone market there just are more people loyal to a particular brand or model of cans. There has been on ongoing war, usually lighthearted, between Sennheiser and Grado owners for as long as I can remember. So debate in those forums might be a little more intense than in here. But I have noticed a little bit more inappropriate snobbery of the "n00bie go away" type which is rather sad since this really is one of the friendliest forums around.
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Originally Posted by ljokerl /img/forum/go_quote.gif
There are some members that just like to stir things up... a lot. Not going to name any names but a lot of them just don't visit the portable forum. That's counterbalanced by a number of truly helpful and nice people here. Not saying there aren't nice people in the full-size forum... there are. But a few rotten eggs can really ruin the mood.

So yes, I agree.

Welcome to the interenet, where anyone sitting behind a screen can be an * hole

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