Headphone/IEM for someone who likes songs with vocals like...
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Aug 27, 2009
Hi guys, I have been checking a lot in the forums and i am nearly finalizing what i wanted for an headphone/IEM. Preference to a nice headphone but it seems it seems u guys talk more about iems hehe...

I will be using it for my iphone so it shouldn't be good without an amp and should be portable if it's headphone.

I listen a lot to songs by john mayer, James blunt, Jewel, radiohead, fiona apple, bjork, jason mraz, ani difranco, jakob dylan, now liking songs in greys anatomy soundtrack very much....are these what you guys call songs with "mid"?

Cause from what i hear SE530 is the best in mids?
I was wondering how would this compare to westones 3, 1, ety hf2, audio technica es7, ety er4p for my type of songs?

I understand the prices vary for those i am looking for but a pair of se530 is available for about USD300now(any recommended cheaper onlines places is welcome
). My price limit is at se530 but if say westone 1 isn't too much different for my kinda songs...hey i'll go with westone.

So what do you think guys? I am in one of those willing to splurge moods (if it's good)

*edit* any Headphones comparable in quality to SE530?

Thanks guys!

ps. me now using iphone stock buds...so anything new will be better hehe

Thanks for all the replies. Did some research and so far I like

Shure SE530 - My price limit but sounds perfect for me if i am willing to spend
shure srh840 - this babies look comfy! price and quality sounds similar to SE530. Have to try on similar sized headphones if it's not to big of a horse to walk around the park with :p
cresyn c750e - being nicknamed the midrange here, it sounds perfect for me. Their seemingly average bass won't be bothering me much
. Not a fan of the stickinsect design but still will look at this for a USD 100 range set
audio tehnica ath-CK10 - close to se530 price range. interesting. need to check more
natural heads re0 - not much glowing reviews for it's midrange?
natural heads re03 - is this the same as re3? to be released soon yes? need to read up more

Phiaton PS200 - looks so cool with the fan-like design but most review seems to indicate average sounding and the deal breaker is that it's loose. I sometimes use it at gym
sleek sa6 - 250 bucks! and seems to be more geared for low-range. Deal breaker though is the small parts. I lose lotsa lego parts when i am small :p
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If you listen to predominantly vocals, then SE530 no debate. The vocals come alive. No other universal IEM comes close to its midrange performance.
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If you think about it, most vocals sit solidly in the midrange frequency. That's usually how humans sound. =0.

There are several universals that are comparable to the SE530 at $250-300. i.e. Westone UM3X, W3, UE TF10, Sennheiser IE8. Each has its own characteristics, but for vocals, as I said, the SE530 has no competitor at that price range IMO.
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Go with the se530 for vocals.
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Originally Posted by jung /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Koss KSC75
Grado iGrado
Audio-Technica ES7
Stax SR-001MK2

those suggestions are all over the place in terms of price range and sound signature. plus no mention of which stands out for well-reproduced vocals, or what would suit the op's requirements. (afaik, none of the abovementioned really shines at vocals, maybe just the stax which shines at almost everything)no description of strengths and weaknesses either.

Dun want to sound offensive but these recommendation posts with no justification whatsoever really needs to be curbed. before someone is misled to make a misinformed purchase.
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Firstly, a good source. So that means a good line-out or DAC.

Second, the Shure SE530 - if it fits you, then definitely the best pair of IEM's in the price-range for vocals. I reviewed them on epinions.com but they absolutely sing when it comes to your taste in music.

Of course, if sound quality is what you're absolutely after, also consider full size cans.
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Sa6 shines with vocals, espically female vocals imo.

plus since you are using it portable, there is the wireless option for it.
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