Headphone amp for Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10's
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Dec 16, 2010
I know these are probably considered budget cans around these parts lol. Anywho, I ordered them yesterday and will be primarily using them with a Roland DJ 202 controller. I can find absolutely zero info about the headphone out on it. I know even if it's decent I could do a lot better. I'm assuming these cans would thrive off extra power. I have a $100'ish budget what direction should I go? I did Google up on these cans, but I'm not aware enough to know what's a suitable direction to go amp wise. I did Google best $100 and under headphone amps, and I read reviews of them all. But I know different cans have different needs. That's where I'm just stuck. I listen to mostly 70-80's soul, old school rap, jazz and reggae/dancehall. I could push my budget up closer to $200 if it gets me something better suited for these cans.

any suggestions would be super, greatly appreciated.

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It appears the Roland's headphone jack has a output impedance of 22-Ohms, which is not the most desirable, for the 32-Ohm HDJ-X10 headphones.
So a headphone amplifier with a low output impedance (like around 1-Ohm?) would be more desirable, for better audio detail, with the HDJX10.
A Schiit Magni or JDS Atom headphone amplifier could be connected to the line-output (RCA) jacks on the DJ 202.
For audio enjoyment, I think I would have bought different headphones, beside "DJ" headphones.
Why are you using a DJ controller for audio enjoyment, assumed the DJ controller would be more for audio mixing or or DJing.
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thanks for the reply, yeah these will be for DJing, I'll probably make a few mixes a week, so maybe around 40 hours a month. I have some ATH-M50s and some nice sounding Phillips which I don't remember the model number. Those are my listening cans. The Pioneer's jumped out at me because they're good for DJ'ing and the few reviews I've read said they have a really nice and big sound stage. Eventually I want to start actually playing gigs so I figured I'd look up DJ headphones, and these came back with high marks. From what I gather these definitely fall under a weird category. They're not audiophile quality, but they're way beyond most DJ headphones. I was intrigued by the fact they're sort of like a DJ can that has some audiophile'ish properties. *IF* I like how they sound better than my M50s I'll start using them as my primary cans. So when I said they'll mostly be used on my DJ controller, it's because I don't expect to like how they sound for straight listening to music better than my Audio Technicas - I could be wrong though.

I didn't do a ton of research before I bought these (I usually do) it was kind of a "ohh lookie!" I watched the 1st YT video of them and liked what I saw. So it was kind of a um, foolish buying decision on my part. But... since they're on the way and will be here tomorrow. I figured I need to come on here and get some help in making them sound as good as possible.

Thank you for the suggestions I'm going to go look at both and make a decision. One way or another I could definitely use a decent headphone amp.
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The Audio Technica ATH-M50X make decent headphones, for a $100-$125 price.
I'm going to guess you'll like the new DJ headphone more.

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