Headphone amp/dac that can be controlled via Mac keyboard +/- volume buttons??
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Feb 28, 2010
I am thinking about buying a tiny little DAC to replace my not-so-good headphone out on my MacBook. The Dr.Dac Nano / JAVS NanoS comes to mind because it is essentially all I need, USB in/minijack out. No buttons to push, no drivers, no problems.
My question is though, do any of you guys know if the volume keys on my keyboard can control the volume on this DAC?

I have other DACs in the house, a NAD M51 and a Cambridge DACMagic+ for my two other setups, and those DACs bypass the volume buttons so I have to adjust via the DAC itself (those two are also preamps so maybe thats why). Any help??
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I guess I just found what I was looking for
  I received my JAVS Nano S and there is no hiss.  It mounts easily an both Mac and PC.  The sound quality is astounding.  It can be controlled via PC/Mac sound level controls.  The output is more than adequate to drive my headphones to painful levels.  In short, it does exactly what it's supposed to.  A solid little product.  I did not know what to expect when I ordered it, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  

Anyone can confirm? What he describes as PC/Mac sound level control is the same as I call keyboard +/- volume buttons?

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