Headphone amp and dac for hd 650
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Sep 20, 2015
I am about to get the sennheiser hd 650 with moon audio silver dragon v3
And I was looking at the spl phonitor mini or the auditor but they're both a bit pricey imo.
Can you recommend a good amp that'll suit the hd 650 ?
And I'd like the amp to be no more in size than the mini (the auditor is a bit too big)

And is there a massive difference between balanced and unbalanced ?
As I'd rather stay with the trs connectors

Also as I'm using an iPhone is a dac a must ?
And does it matter what I get ?

Thanks for reading
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Since you're using an iPhone as a source does that mean you're looking for a portable solution? If so, I've read good things about the Fiio E12 and Cayin C5 portable amps. Neither of these come with built-in DAC's but the DAC in the iPhone isn't terrible as far as I know. It's maybe woth pointing out that the HD 650 is not a good choice for portable use due to sound leakage both in & out.
How much money would you prefer to spend?
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I have Bose qc20 for portability
I plan on using this at home, but I want it on my desk preferably so that's why I'm worried about size, I could also use my MacBook.

Also is the music files that are on iTunes good?
Can I do something to make them better?
As you can tell I'm pretty clueless, just love music and want to get the best.

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I can recommend the Audio-GD NFB-11 as a good neutral dac/amp

How is it compared to NFB-15?

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