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Head-Fiers in COSTA RICA???

  1. Zoide

    Do any Head-Fiers live in Costa Rica? I am a Costa Rican studying in the US, but I'll be going to CR for the summer, so I was wondering if there were any other members there. If there were enough members, maybe we could have a meet?

  2. Zoide
  3. Zoide
  4. slug
    are there actually any good headphone/audio stores in costa rica? I am going there in December for vacation and it never occured to me to look for headphones.
  5. Zoide
    I'm not sure (I only come here twice a year to visit family and friends), but I really doubt it.

    If there are any good stores, I guarantee you that the products will be much more expensive than in the US/Europe/Japan. Import taxes here are insane...

    That's why I bought my new CD3Ks online at a US website so that a colleague of my Dad's can pick them up in Florida and bring them here next week... [​IMG]
  6. orangecr
    Oooooold thread, but I want to sign in.
    I am a Head-Fier from Costa Rica; born and raised here. There are no good stores here, except form Provideo SA, which is an authorized Sennheiser dealer. Other than that, you can get Shure, Bose, Beats, or some similar commercial stuff.  There's AudioCity selling Klipsh, and some other that I don`t know. 
    All my audio equipment (headphones, headphone amps, DACs) has been imported from USA and China, and recently purchased a pair of SR225i's drivers from a fellow head-fier. 
    Anybody else here?
  7. Leveler
  8. Adu
    Hello. I'm in Costa Rica. I will like to know also head-fier from Costa Rica. Compared with Romania in Costa Rica are few hi-fi distributors.
  9. orangecr
    Hey Adu,
    That makes 3 head-fiers here now. Welcome to Costa Rica; not a paradise of hi-fi though.
  10. Adu
    Nice to meet you orangecr. By the way, Costa Rica it's beautiful place .
  11. Adu
    I search to buy a pair of headphones for my tablet but the options are few...not to mention that dr.dre headphones are fake and the sound are not on my taste. I will search something from Sennheiser and Shure.
  12. orangecr
  13. Adu
    Thank you :)
  14. Leveler
    I had completely forgotten about this
    Espero que todo te este llendo vien Orange CR
    Hope you are enjoyng CR Adu :D
  15. Leveler
    Por cierto, si alguien esta interesado o conocen a alguien que este interesado en unos Beyerdynamic DT880 (600 ohm) estoy ineresado en vender los mios [​IMG]

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