Head-fi, you looks good, won't you back that File up (how do you back up your music files?)
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Music (+ photos etc) are stored on my server.

I have an external disk that I usually keep at work. I take it home for refreshing the backup whenever I feel like it.

In addition I have a "backup" partition on my workstation at home. Files are sync'ed daily (I use rsync) from the server daily.
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Originally Posted by bhd812 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I use an External Seagate 250gb of my internal 250gb but i am wondering what others are doing and how they are doing it...

I back up once a month but it depends on how much music i load in that month also. i do the copy and paste thing, copy from here and paste from there...


I do the same thing...probably with the same model external Seagate 250Gb harddrive that you have. I have a membership with Emusic.com which allows me a certain number of downloads per month. Once I've done my downloads, I do my backups. I typically backup my entire downloaded music folder so I don't have to copy and paste. As for CDs that I have ripped to my harddrive, I don't bother with backups of those. I keep them in separate folders to make backups of my downloaded files easier.
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I usually backup my machine around every two weeks onto an external drive. I usually get all of my music and documents, photos, etc... I have just started backing up the all of my music, even from the CDs I own as I just don't want to sit and rip them all again.
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My linux server has 3x 500Gb hard drives in RAID5 configuration. That gives me 1Tb of redundant storage. (If any one of the 3 drives fail, I just replace it and I haven't lost my Tb.)

I mount it via nfs for easy (read) access, but resort to ssh/scp to actually make changes so as to reduce the chances of doing anything by accident.

For someone who wants a great solution like this, but doesn't want to geek out, one could invest in a Drobo. It's like almost the same thing, except you don't have to think nearly as hard.

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I back up to an external 2.5" FireWire disk.
Running a home made bash script to perform an incremental back up, using rsync.
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A couple of friendly warnings:
-once again, RAID is not a backup!
-a backup ain't a real backup while it's online, especially when you're performing operations (such as copying files) on it... therefore, you should have at least two external hard drives if you're doing your backups that way

EDIT: the same thing applies to backing up to a RAID server... you're in better shape than the folks who rely on RAID or a single external HD but it would still be wise to make an offline copy from time to time

That said, if you can live with data loss (for example, if you can simply re-rip your CDs), you don't need a real backup.
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HFat brings up a good point. Unfortunately for me, though, I have way too much data on my server to duplicate elsewhere right now. Even if I did, the copy should be kept off-site or you're still vulnerable to fires or other catastrophic events.

I'm banking on a new & cheap solution to surface itself before I need to worry.
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The original CDs are sufficient backup for me. Although at the moment, my old computer still has it's hard drive which still has all of my .flac files, so there is some extra redundancy. I've never had a hard drive fail in my life, but when it does happen I think having to rerip my music will be low on the list of concerns.
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I have a raid 1 array, I image my drives on to an external dirve, and I split my drive images and burn them on to dvds.
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my music safety

APC Uninteruptable power supply > computer > 500 gb hard drive dedicated to music, no video, no programs, no windows.

a copy of that hard drive monthly sits in another 500gb stored in my closet.

another copy of my music sits at work on a 320gb

i have too much music and too much effort placed into tagging for me to afford losing it all

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