He500 upgrades advice?
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May 5, 2013
Hi guys. Its been a while :) Back here once again for some advice.
Few months ago i sold my beloved he500s and in recent times i have started missing them. Iam now on the look for a new pair of headphones. The problem is that i do not have as much time on my hands as i used to so i would rather not spend too much money on a pair as they will not see as much use to justify the purchase! I do not mind spending around €500-600 but its important they are easy to drive as i currently have an aune t1 and rather not have to buy an amp/dac also!! 
Given my demands.... Could i buy a pair that could potentially be an upgrade to the he500s and that would pair well with an aune t1?? 
Any advice / suggestions? 

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