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HE400i and gain

  1. ls13coco
    Hi all, so this morning I just received my HifiMan HE400i. I'm currently using the Creative Soundblaster X7 as my Amp/DAC and that has been paired with my Sennheiser 598's.
    On the X7 thread, many people were suggesting to each other that the high gain setting is simply better, gives everything a fuller and punchier sound.
    I found no advantage to high gain with the 598's, and the HE400i's are not broken in yet - though I noticed a much fuller sound using the high gain with these headphones, not to mention the volume is a little lacking at "normal" gain.

    Reason I'm hear, is I simply don't want to damage my headphones but they do seem to sound much more how I would expect with high gain, so I am seeking guidance. I am not currently sure what the gain levels actually are on the X7, 1.5x, 3x, or what - searching for that info currently.
  2. Music Alchemist
    You'd have to play the headphones at deafening levels to damage them.
  3. ls13coco
    That's what I wanted to hear, I figured volume would be a large factor but didn't want to assume.
    Thanks. AKG 712's are here soon too which are said to be quite power hungry, so I will apply this knowledge!

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