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Discussion in 'Music' started by megaptera, Mar 28, 2004.
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  1. Peti
    Not sure if it was mentioned already...

  2. CHansen

    Hi VeloRoad,

    Yes, there is absolutely zero point in using the two encoding features of HDCD unless there is a way to decode them. For over a decade, the only way to do this was with mass-market DVD and/or Blu-ray players that included HDCD decoding, but this is clearly not an ideal situation for hearing CDs at their best. Now that the patents have expired, Ayre includes HDCD decoding in the QX-5-Twenty DAC - plus it will tell you if it was just recorded with the PM A/D converter or actually is decoding anything. But that's not a cheap product. The latest Oppo UHD Blu-ray player dropped HDCD decoding from its feature list, so I'd say as a format it is now officially dead. Still a great sounding A/D converter, and still used by mastering engineers who care about sound quality. But there are perhaps another half-dozen converters that now sound equal or better. The Model Two was released in 2003 or 2004 and as just one example, the engineers at Abbey Road chose a Prism A/D to transfer The Beatles catalog back in 2009 to 192/24. That was after some sort of "shoot-out", but I do not know if it included the long out-of-production Pacific Microsonics.

    Hope this helps,
    Charles Hansen
  3. veloroad
    Charles Hansen - I am saddened to read of your passing; rest in peace.

  4. veloroad
  5. veloroad
    Christmastime is past...Picked up a delightful 3-disc set, A String Quartet Christmas, produced by Steinway & Sons (yes, the piano company), their catalog number 50001. The HDCD light came on for discs 2 and 3; alas I found out via Foobar later on these discs do not have PE, nor did I notice any indication of LLE or TF. Still, good music.
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