1. mikek200
    To all head-fiers>
    Want to give all head-fiers,my impression of my recent purchase.
    See Here:

    Anyone, thinking of modding their HD800 might want to contact Maxx134,before proceeding.
    I have owned the HD800 3x's,but never owned a modded version.
    What Maxx accomplished, with this mod,is astounding.
    I am getting the finest SQ out of this headphone,as never before,I am especially impressed with the base,it is clear clean and very impactful,on some recordings,my ears are rumbling,and note,I am not a bass head ,I do like good base though,and the way Maxx has tuned these ,is perfect,the mids & vocals are outstanding,almost life like,as if the singer is standing in front of me,with choral music,as it hits your ears,as if,the singers,especially female singers,are on both sides of me..simply beautiful.
    the treble,which is also excellent,could be slightly higher,but overall all 3 sounds,are well balanced,instrument separation,is very detailed & clear & bright.

    Maxx,a perfect job,you have brought a new level of audio pleasure, to my ears,they are now,my #1 can-Thank You ,Sir.

    My desktop setup is a very simple one:
    Cambridge amp/dac & the S>M>S>L amp

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