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HD600 or HD558 with Pico Slim

  1. Audiophile_Apprentice
    First let me say that I have used the search function extensively and haven't found an answer to my dilemma.

    The only amp that I have is a Pico Slim, as I never thought I would want any high impedance full size cans. Well, that has changed. I currently have the money for HD600, but not a powerful amp to go with it.

    I was able to demo the HD558, which is substantially cheaper and has about 1/6 the imprudence.

    My question is if it's even worth it to shell out the money for the HD600 if the only amp I have isn't capable of unlocking its full potential. Basically, what's better: a properly-driven HD558 or an underpowered HD600?
  2. Hondadude85
    I've owned both - And an HD600 driven with an iPhone is better than an HD558 out of a blue Hawaii. Ever considered the HD598SE?
  3. Audiophile_Apprentice
    The 598se seems awesome, although I'm hearing it described as "bright". I'm not into harsh treble and sibilance.

    But you seem to be saying that if I can afford it, listening to the HD600/650 out of the Pico Slim until I can save up for a more powerful amp would still be a better experience than any of the HD5xx?
  4. Desdinova12
    Depending on the price. The HD600 gets volume from my cell phone just fine. But without an amp, it doesnt really shine. I suppose it comes down to whether or not you plan to upgrade your amp the future. I would do it if you can for the sake of futureproofing. If not, I would consider the HD598 or even the 599.
  5. serman005
    I think it is always best to stretch for headphones if one is planning for the future. You can always upgrade your amplifier later. Headphone upgrade is the quickest way to improve your sound quality.
  6. killertaxi
    Definitely get the HD600. The headphone makes the most difference in sound quality, so buy the best headphone your budget can get.
  7. Policar
    I only have an HD6XX and an HD598SE as references. But the HD6XX (which still isn't exactly to my taste but it's undeniably good) sounds MUCH better between the two. It sounds worse or about the same very poorly driven but even a cheap amp can help. It's just kind of quiet and slow otherwise. The O2 amp sounded not very good with it for some reason, though. :/

    I would recommend the HD600 for sure even though the 598 looks kind of cool and is comfy (they both are comfortable).

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