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HD598 vs AKG K550 Wich is better and bassier?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pedro oliveira, Nov 26, 2013.
  1. Pedro Oliveira
    Hi guys....
    Short and easy... Right now i have a pair of hd25 and a pair of sennheiser momentum for outside use but i would love to grab something cool and with very spacious and hi fi sound for home use.
    The akg's k550 and the sennheiser hd598 seem to be the best options in the 150 euro price range.
    I listen to all types of music, mostly pop, rock and alternative but i also listen to some edm.
    I have heard that these are 2 very good headphones but that they are not for bassheads.
    I am not a basshead at all but i require at least some amount of bass as you can see by my portable selection....
    Any of them will be used in a 4th gen ipod touch.... at least for now since i have no amps....
    Feel free to share your opinions... they are more than welcome.... :)
    Thank you very much... :)
  2. NA Blur
    Irrefutably the AKG K550 has more bass:
    See how the K550 curve in the frequency spectrum, below 100Hz is almost +10dB above the HD598?  This is measured proof that it is capable of louder, deeper, and simply more bass at the same loudness.
    I really like the K550.  It is built really well, feels sturdy, and sounds similar enough to a Denon AH-D2000 that I often recommend it as a replacement.
  3. Pedro Oliveira
    Now thats how you convince a guy NA Blur.... XD
    According to your profile you like rock, hip hop and eletronic music so you must require a considerate amount of bass as well... :)
    But in terms of resolution, sound quality and refinement the k550 are on par?
    I know that the akg's are closed but they seem to have a pretty fantastic soundstage... i never tried any of the two (and thats why i am asking these things...) and of course the sennys must have a even better soundstage since they are open, but reviews on the akg seems very good... 
    I am just a bit affraid to get the 550's because i read some stuff about unit variations and weird treble.... Can anyone clarify this please? Are these problems solved on the newer batches?
  4. NA Blur
    All headphones will have some failures and typically come with warranties.  There may be issues with either headphone so try not to base you decision on that alone.
    The K550 has great resolving power and a smaller soundstage than the HD598, but that is to be expected from a closed headphone.
  5. McPatD
    I have both and always listen to the K550. The HD598 is very dry sounding. I'm liking it less and less. K550 has less power need as well and sounds great out of an iPod.
  6. Pedro Oliveira

    Thank you for sharing MCpatD.

    on The last few weeks i discovered that i Like a warm sound with good clarity, refinement And hifi feeling. Having The hd25s The Momentum And The cal!s i endee up discovering that Although at first i was a bright can type of guy i slowly discovered that to enjoy some músic ar home i always ended grabbing The Momentum of The fala Because of The spacious And smooth Sound (And Also for The fact that both can be fun as Well quem listening some more enerdetic músic Like em of rock).

    Só wich one is as selo closer to The Sound feeling of The Momentum And The cal!s?
  7. Pedro Oliveira
    Anyone? :)
  8. Playstation
    I own the HD 598's. I think your best bet is going to be getting a closed headphone that doesn't sacrifice sound stage and that has nice sub bass. or a better open air headphone as far as bass is concerned.
    open air- i just tried this headphone. the Philips Fidelio x1. It has more bass than the hd598, but the mids aren't as forward as the hd 598's.
    closed back - this headphone is one I'm most likely going to try next. As I want a headphone that has a fun sound with sub bass. the Audio Technica a900x. It's suppose to have a nice sound. the treble won't be as sibilant as the hd598's. the mids will be pretty decent, and it has punchy sub bass.but. I don't think it's considered a bass head set, so you're safe in that regard.
    None of which need an amp. I simply got an amp for a piece of mind, because I've been plugging the headphones into a stereo receiver. I have also plugged them all into my laptop(not the AT A900X yet) without any problems.
    Don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed the hd598's. They're bright, sibilant, have forward mids, they are open and airy, and the bass is.... present.
  9. Pedro Oliveira
    I have the momentums (wich i am selling this week) and i also have a pair of hd25's. I will keep the hd25's as my main portable and my to go can for edm.
  10. Pedro Oliveira
    I posteponed this thred but now i just sold my momentums bexause of the comfort issues... i am very said because i oved the sound of the momentums but the seal fit just did not work for me.... believe me i tried..... 3 pairs and i sold them all..... ;(
    So basically the conditions are the same as on the first post...
    I can get the akg for 90 euros now...
    the hd598's for 120
    and a pair of sony mdr 1 r's for 90 euros as well but unfortunatelly this ones have no box, no purchase papers and only the ios cable....
    I just made 180 euros with my momentums so i can buy one pair or even 2.... but for now lets just stick with wich one is better soniccaly.... :)
    Hope you guys can hep me out.... :)

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