HD558 vs DT990 pro 250ohm vs ATH900x
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Aug 13, 2010
I've been lurking hard for comparisons, but It's been difficult to hear an opinion of someone who might have owned all three or just two of these together. (Literally just saw a thread pop up for the comparison between hd558 and dt990) They're all in my price range ($100-$200 range) and have a few things I'm into.
My interest are a good presence of mids and clarity, and enough bass for enjoyable electronic music. Doesn't have to be huge as I'm not a basshead like I used to be. Also bright trebles isn't a huge deal for me either, as long as it doesn't sound shallow. These will be used for movies and games as well, so a decent to great soundstage is a must. I know the ATH900x are a closed phone, but I put them on the title because people say they are a good upgrade to ath m50s which my brother owns/ I enjoy. I also currently own Creative Aurvana Live! Ms1, XB500 (rarely used nowadays) and a pair of HTF600s for kicks and mods. What I'm wondering is what would be the best overall for my kind of interests? I have a udac2 DAC/AMP so hopefully driving the DT990 shouldn't be a problem.

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