HD280: worth it?
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Sep 13, 2009
I've read mixed opinions here about this set, but somehow I like the idea of them. I currently have some HD520ii as my best set, and I would like something sounding similar or better, but closed, so that I can listen to them in noisy hotel rooms when I travel or when I sit out on my balcony. I've heard they are quite foldable for their size: are they?

Another important thing is that they be sensitive enough to be driven by a portable CD or MP3 player without an amp. I think I remember that anything below 100 Ω will do, but I'm not quite sure.

I plan to use them with vocals and classic and I need definition when many instruments are playing at the same time. I don't limit myself to this or that genre, though, so all-rounders would be the best thing for me. I also own some MDR-V250 and I think they are good enough with strings and small ensembles, but poor otherwise and too boomy. HD280 would be quite an upgrade from them, right?

Comfort is not an issue: nearly anything is comfortable enough for me to forget I'm wearing it, even the MDRs.

You are welcome to suggest any alternative to HD280, but I'm not going to pay more than €100/$120. (Well, not today…
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Jan 14, 2009
Sorry my message here isn't going to be that insightful, since I've only heard them for around 15 minutes over a friends house, but I wasn't that impressed! Shrill, shrill highs and somewhat empty over-all sound was all I heard - however the guy who owns them thinks they beat his DT770s, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course. They were driven from an M-Audio desktop amp of some kind, so I don't know if they will drive from an iPod.
ATH-A700, DT100 are two closed cans around the same price, while some AKG 240s are semi-open around the same price. You may even be able to pick up the ATH-M50s for $140ish.

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