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HD 650 vs DT 990 250ohm (It could be: DT 990 600ohm vs 250ohm...)

  1. gtrevize
    I don't want to start a new thread from scratch in order to discuss about Senn vs DT cans, don't worry :). The problem is that my headphone amp (a Soundblaster Titanium HD soundcard) has "just" 330ohms, so I cannot go for the DT 990 600ohm version as in principle I would like.
    I read a lot of comments on Sennheisher HD650 vs Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm, and seems that's all about: HD650 good mid, voice, piano, thrumpets, global sound feeling,... but small "veil" and no as good in highs and lows as the DT, on top of the soundstage. That seem to be the general opinion, and some frecuency response graphs seems to confirm that.
    Ok, assuming it, the DT 600ohm option seems JUST A BIT more attractive to me because of not "changing" the sound so much, and because of having more crispy highs and tight bass, but just a bit. The problem is that my amp cannot drive that, and the 250ohm version of DT's seems to have to rise artificially the highs, among other things. So all the comparison about HD650 vs 990 600ohm not applay directly in my case, and wouldn't be fair to go for the DT's anyway :frowning2: (and I don't want to change my soundcard again nor buying an standalone amp. on the other hand, I don't have any shop with them around, so I cannot hear them by myself).
    So finally, my question is if the DT's 250ohm continues being good enough to compare to the HD650's, or the first are in almost a "lower division".
    I mean, the DT's 600ohm are good in some things in comparison to the HD's, and assuming I would preffer those above the HD's by a very very small difference, could the impedance limit that I have make me go better for the HD's? (and not for the DT's 250ohm)
    Hope I'm clear enough :)
    PS: I read a lot about all of them and I even saw some frecuency response graphs comparing the 3 versions of the DT's and the HD 600 and 650's, but I want a direct opinion about HD 650 vs DT 990 250ohm.
    About me: I like very different music styles, from disco to rock and acoustics. I play videogames (but not very important for my decission!), and I'm starting to play an acoustic guitar and I would like to record and edit something, adding drums for example, or even messing with some electronic music (and the HD's could be enjoyable, but changing the sound isn't good for that :-S). Finally, I'm used to crispy highs and tight bass from my good car equipment. I have nice mids too, but I'm afraid I'll miss the high+bass with the HD's.
    Note: I ruled out AKG's and HD600's because of low bass.
  2. gtrevize
    Sorry, it shouldn't go here. Could any admin erase this message?

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