HD 598 for vocals
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Jun 22, 2013
As a big fan of classical music and warm female vocals (the latter being the more important to me), I've been using the ESW9a as my primary headphones for music listening this past year. As such, I was pretty excited to try out the HD 598 that came in today, but as much as I enjoy the sound stage, and it definitely feels more "accurate" than the ESW9a, I feel like its sound, especially for female vocals, lacks the same warmth that the ESW9a had. The music feels distant in a way; a bit fuzzy maybe? Maybe I'm just too used to close end? No idea. 
I'll try them out for a few more days, but I'm also thinking of maybe there's better headphones out there in the same price range that match my tastes. Maybe the K701, or any other suggestions? 

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