HD 555 vs HD 595 for unamped mp3 listening
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Apr 15, 2005

Originally Posted by musicmind
The happy ending is that I just got my.... HD 595

I thought about all of the views and opinions that you guys gave and even though the 555 is definitely good enough and has a better value for money feature, I decided to spoil my ears and spend a little more and get the HD 595. For the many hours of pleasure that listening to good music can bring, I figured I would stretch for the extra cash and get the best I can get.

Thanks to all of you in this thread who gave your valuable input and opinions about my purchase question. With your help, despite being a total newcomer to the world of headphones, I managed to learn a tremendous lot about the different brands and models.

I will be burning my 595's in for the next week and enjoying the ride I am sure

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Congrats on the 595s. They are great cans. Mine get a lot of time on my head.
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Mar 10, 2006
Thanks Yoones.
So far so good.
I think I already spent too much, so I wont be in a rush to buy more goodies just yet.
Hopefully these will serve me for a long time. I might try a Beyer later down the line to complement these, but that will have to wait till I travel overseas sometime...

I must say, even though the opinion is that the HD595 is a minor refinement on the sound of the HD 555, a fact that also needs to be mentioned is that the 595 is built a bit more sturdily, with the "leather" head band and padding. I think it will definitely last longer, which is something to consider as well.
And the cool little headphone holder

Back to burning in...

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