HD 280 vs Denon D1000
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Mar 22, 2008

I am looking for a nice pair of closed cans, with decent isolation and a balanced sound. Right now, i am choosing either i should go with the Sennheiser HD 280s or the Denon AH-D1000.

Thank you for your time
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I've heard that the Denon AH-D1000 have poor isolation. Is it really that bad? Is it good enough for street use? Last time i had a bad experience with the PX100 (I had to push the volume to a high level because of the bad isolation and the highs became shrill)
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yeah they don't isolate well, but they sound good.
They're very comfortable too, never tried HD280 tho. From what i've heard, they're so tight in the head and what i can imagine is that the Denons will outperform HD280.
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Do the highs distort and become shrill at high volume?
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i dont tried them long enough but i'll tell you from what i've remembered, the D1000 that i tried is quite neutral with quite big well controled bass, punchy but not overpowering the mids and highs. High is smooth and not harsh. A bit warm sounding IMO. pretty nice sounding i think, and really comfortable.
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Alright, Thanks!
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AH-D1000 are very cozy-sounding, the highs are very clear but not harsh. Dynamics are possibly the best in $100 closed headphones (maybe excluding Roland RH-200). They're not coloured, but they're not really "neutral" in terms of sound - very lively-sounding, what others might call a "fun" sound. Detail and resolution could be even better than the K-240S (the K-240S sound somewhat dull next to the AH-D1000, and the same should be true for HD280), but the K-240S have a more precise and spatial soundstage.

Anyway, AH-D1000 are possibly the best "jack of all trades" $100 closed headphones as they also work with everything (sensitivity 103 dB/1 mW, n. impedance 32-ohm).

There's another closed model worth trying, Roland RH-200. Those sell for roughly $100 from an online store. Music gear stores are more likely to have Roland gear.
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The D1000's isolate good for indoor use, but I've never taken them outside yet. It's enough to block out the TV from the other room and a lot of times, I can't hear the door knocking. But if my roommate called me from across the room, yeah, I'd turn and look.
Given that I don't have any reference-quality headphone setups to compare it to, I'll tell you what I think..
I agree with the cozy-sounding... to me, they sound textured and yummy =D Listening to Rostropovich play the cello, I can hear him taking a breath after each passage, I can hear his fingers tap on the fingerboard and slide against the string.
Size and comfort is similar to the Bose triports if you've ever wore those in-store before. Highly recommended
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if you're looking at those specific senns, forget them! they are terrible for music!
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Those Aurvana's look nice, I wonder if they are as comfy as the DT770's? I don't see any Fostex Headphones that are more than those creatives. The best pair of Fostex's seem to be the T50RP, which are not closed. After looking I can't imagine which Fostex's are close to the Creative product, let alone are more $$$ than the Creative's.

The T50RP are now had for $75 all over the place. Said to be a tad better than the Senn's 280 pros in comfort and sound though. However, they are not closed.

I lost an auction on ebay and I'm getting tired of waiting.

Now I'm wondering if I should just get something other than the hard to get cheap DT770's.

The Denon AH1001's look nice and those Creative's are surprisingly similar.

The Roland's look scarily close to the size of the Sony 7506/V6 which I cannot wear as it being right ON the outer ear just like the Denon's claim to be.
Can anyone confirm any of these cans are close to Sennheiser 280 size? That's what I'm used to.

The Denon's AH-D2000 look nice though. TOO MUCH $$$ though.

Actually, I see another pair of DT770's on ebay now, ends in about 2 days plus.....

The Creative's claim to be "OVER THE EAR" though. They look a tad flimsy in the headband department but perhaps that would make them light.
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Translated version of http://blog.livedoor.jp/ninaslabo/archives/cat_50029011.html

- RH-300 review with some photos. They seem to be a tad larger than AH-D1000. RH-300 are about the same size as the HD280. Stock photos make them look more compact than they really are, here's a photo of RH-300 next to a player...


And sitting on a dummy head:


Denon's website description is misleading, they call their headphones "on-ear" when in reality they're all circumaural (even the cheaper AH-D301 and AH-D501).

Here's a photo of the AH-D501 and AH-D1000:


PX100, AKG K-240S and Denon AH-D1000:

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Is what is really misleading, is the AKG 240. Not only do the pads look big, which IMO they are not....those sat right on top of my ears, but they look bigger than the Denon's. Then, you got the tiny looking Bose Triports which fit awesome over my ears and look tiny as all hell.....makes you really understand how hard it is to find a good pair of headphones for "your" own head.

The Senn 280's at least I know I like. However.... I was looking for a tiny upgrade and I just cannot seem to land those DT770's yet. I'd go for the Denon's if I knew for 100% they'd fit like the Senn 280's AND sounded good.

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