Have anyone tried PS3 as source?
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Hmm... I find it a little strange that no one seems to have tried ps3 as the source yet. Well, ps2 wasn't much of an audio performer I've heard. But, ps1 had a good reputation as a cd player, and that ps3 can also play SACD (in 60gb version, right?). I think ps3 has a big chance of being a super source. Is there anyone who has a ps3 and can test this out? Please don't tell me to buy one and test myself. To me $399 isn't a small investment. Thanks~
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I don't think the PS3 would be that great of a source. The PS1 had a discrete AKM DAC, which I believe both PS2 and PS3 don't have (integrated). May be a different story if you used the SPDIF out
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I read an article in Stereophile (maybe a web post) where Wes Philips listened to some HD music of some sort through a PS3 at a meet and was very impressed. I'm looking forward to the possibilities. It has a highly advanced sound card and a Cell processor. It seems to have the hardware, now we just need the software support and music....
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I used to hear that PS1 back than had superior sound quality for its price. Have anyone heard PS3 as source??

I heard PS3 is pretty decent, although I haven't heard it. But it would have a tough time beating out SCPH-1001 Playstation 1. I have one in my system. I also have Cambridge Audio 840C, which is $1500 or so MSRP. I gotta say that I prefer the Playstation's sound on many occasions. The Cambridge Audio has that killer dynamic capabilities, amazing details, etc... but sometimes that Playstation plays CDs like they're were vinyl! Just really warm, inviting sound that's very hard to reproduce digitally. The hype is real. Just make sure not to cheap out on interconnects to take full advantage. If I didn't use Cambridge Audio 840C as DAC for my Squeezebox 3, I swear I'd sell it off.

And so what if the build quality of the Playstation 1 is not as stable? It cost me $25. I'll just pick up 3 more in the next garage sale. Life is good.
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I have a PS3. This thread made me curious (damn you!) and I'm gonna test it this afternoon and see how PS3 performs SQ whise.

I guess PS3 has a very decent soundcard and circuit because it can handle Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. These formats are needy and so I think PS3 optical out as well as the analog out hacve to be decent due to the specs of the soundcard built-in.

PS1, I've never heard one. Is it with every PS1 or just one specific type/batch?

Maybe time to try this out!!!!

My guess is that PS3 will have a very decent sound quality.
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Using the PS3 as a stand alone player for redbook CD's via its analog outputs is alright, but nothing extraordinary in my opinion. I would put it on par with an average budget ~$50-100 CD player maybe. It does do well via its optical and HDMI outputs, but then it is basically being used as a transport to a dac or HT receiver/processor. I think for a multi-format BD player and gaming console the PS3 is fantastic and a great bargain, but if your looking for a good dedicated music source there are much better options for the price.
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Well, I do have a PS3 and a Sony CDP-X5000 side by side (mind you, second hand CDP-X5000 have been seen going for twice the current going price of PS3), and the comparison is quite interesting.

If you use its analog out, well, it kinda sucked... Analog output of this machine is for those who do not have the budget to pluck down on a DAC, or for those who are waiting for their DAC to be shipped to them.

The digital signal I would say is actually not bad, considering the unit was designed for game and HT, not audiophile purposes.

I compared the two via a custom digital signal processor that reshapes digital signal and then feed it to a KECES DA-131 for the D/A conversion.

The comparison I'd say is that PS3 does sound quite good, especially when compared to a fairly good dedicated redbook CD player. The detailed are a bit muddied, not as transparent, but it is still one heck of a deal for the price paid.

The only problem I have with it is the noise, coupled with my amp's fan (a pair of Ashly FET1500M, lightly modified), it gets annoying when the volume is turned down.

Anyways, I got my PS3 for games and network video player functionality, the network player feature alone already worth more than the purchase price. Add game to it, it is now one heck of a deal, and if we even consider about the performance of redbook/SACD playback, I'd say it is almost worth some anti-trust investigations. :p

Oh, did I mention that Sony's PS3 does SACD, and can actually down-convert it to a higher bit rate PCM format, then output it via Toslink digital output?
I have not had the chance of trying that, but it seems quite interesting that Sony is letting the digital signal of so called "high definition" audio out of the unit.
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I believe the 80gb PS3 still has the SACD capability.

The only one that doesn't have the SACD playback is the strip down 40GB version. I am not sure about the old 20GB version though.

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