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Have a pair of Eclipse minis. Need a good amp for it.

  1. skwoodwiva
    Just bought them.
    This is for the dashboard of my Sprinter RV. 30 Watts max. The Sony RSX head-unit is the preamp.
    I need a 120 watt sub amp too.

    Thanks for a good recommendation.
    I would like a mosfet. Can I even find a 12 volt amp to do them justice?
  2. skwoodwiva
  3. skwoodwiva
  4. skwoodwiva
  5. skwoodwiva
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
  6. skwoodwiva
  7. skwoodwiva
    Now I still need a 100 w (into 8 ohms) sub amp.

    The 307s are good to 100 hz so.

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