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Has anyone tried this DAC?

  1. cap10 crunch
  2. abyrvalg
    In it's stock form, this DAC is nothing special. What you have heard, is that after extensive modding, this DAC can sound really good, and I would agree with that. So, if you don't mind modding it (google for "lampucera" or "noodle DAC") - then go for it.
  3. weibby
    I've head the previous version and it was good.
    However this is the new version using different dac chip and opamp setting..

    Not sure how it will sound or how to go about modding it.
  4. cap10 crunch
    Are the mods hard/expensive mods? If not then then I'll be glad to do work.
  5. abyrvalg
  6. cap10 crunch
    Thanks! It doesn't look extremely difficult so I think I'll go for it.
  7. analogsonar
    out of the box can you just connect a standard power cord and go for it? or what is needed to plug and play?
  8. abyrvalg
    It has a power supply so yes, it works out of he box. I don't remember though if it had a power cord included.
  9. Pricklely Peete Contributor
    Lampucera seems to think this chip set combo is the best thing going...(CS8416/CS4897) it is nowhere near the best IMO but it is good enough considering the cost of this kit. The price is low and mods do help but there is nothing that can be done about the poor jitter specs of the CS receiver (vs the DIR9001) or the sigma delta based sound sig of the average (at best) CS4897 DAC chip. I would rate the AD1862 well above the CS chip in every category that matters but like I said earlier for the price this kit (once modified) is better than most 300 dollar DACs sold today save for a few really well thought out, surprisingly well equipped (parts wise, topology wise) exceptions.

    It's a good beginner DIY mod project for someone on a strict budget that will give impressive results despite it's shortcomings (which are many).


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